The Way We Hear It: Khalil Mack will probably play after all

The Bears are back in Chicago and Tom Brady and the Patriots are in town! With a week of practice wrapping up today, here’s what’s been happening in the lead up to Sunday’s Bears-Pats matchup:

  • First and foremost, it looks like Khalil Mack is going to play afterall. That’s encouraging news, seeing as he didn’t practice once this week. Also because he’s very good.
  • In more surprising news, Allen Robinson has been held out of practice with a groin injury.
  • In less surprising news, the Bears are home underdogs this weekend. Never bet against home ‘dogs! Right?!
  • If you think it feels like a playoff atmosphere at Soldier this weekend, you’re not alone. Kyle Long could’nt agree more.
  • Those ticket prices, however, are going to look a lot like playoff ticket prices.
  • On the Patriots’ side of things, it’s hard to tell who’s hurt, seeing that like half the team is on the injury report.
  • Tom Brady will play, though, and there’s a lot of comparisons to be made between Brady and Mitchell Trubisky.
  • Bill Belichick has been super complimentary of the Bears all week, and that’s surely sincere and not at all mind games, nope.
  • He wasn’t so kind about the Khalil Mack-Lawrence Taylor comparisons, though.

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