Happy NFL Trade Deadline Day! And Other Bullets

I can’t believe I escaped yesterday without wishing Michael (and Bears tight end Trey Burton) a happy birthday. Hope you gents loved your present: a Bears win last Sunday. Perhaps another one this coming Sunday will make up for my gross oversight (Michael: You’re fired. I can’t actually do that, but if I could you’d be so fired.).

The NFL trade deadline is today at 3 p.m. CT, and while the Bears might not have the draft capital to pull off a major deal, Head Coach Matt Nagy hinted the team would be listening to offers. Based on recent history, I hope we’ve learned a lesson on counting out GM Ryan Pace’s ability to make a trade happen out of nowhere.
This is what the response is supposed to look like when the coach says it’s time to take over:

I can’t explain why but Mitch Trubisky’s simple “yes, sir” put a little smile on my face. That guy is just dialed in to playing football right now. Yes, I understand his accuracy hasn’t been quite there the last few games. And I know that Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson are putting up crazy numbers. For as maddening as his misfires are, Trubisky still has this X-factor that makes him enjoyable when things go well – it’s inescapable.

Here’s a one-liner from ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson that should put a smile on the faces of Bears fans hoping that Trubisky can deliver: “Trubisky, who rushed for 51 yards, may not have the league’s strongest arm, but he can definitely make all the throws. Factor in Trubisky’s way-above-average scrambling ability, and the Bears can legitimately say that they have a quarterback with whom they can win.”

You know life is good when Tyreek Hill is giving you some love:

You a beast bro !!! https://t.co/1q2G9bBOIh

— Ty Hill (@cheetah) October 29, 2018

Also, Tarik Cohen is so damn likable.

Next up for the Chicago Bears are the Buffalo Bills, who had a rough time at the office in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. This Devin McCourty pick-6 put the icing on the cake:

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