As Bears sing to anything, they’re taking their popularity and success in stride

The Bears became a viral sensation over Thanksgiving weekend when Anthony Adams’ #BearsSingToAnything hashtag blew up across social media. Only a few players admitted they’d scrolled through the videos, which had different songs playing over the Prince Amukamara-led “Motown” celebration after Kyle Fuller’s game-sealing interception against the Detroit Lions.

“That was great. Did Spice start that? Yeah, that was great,” Amukamara said. “I don’t know if a lot of us went viral before, so it was great that that happened. That was pretty cool.”

“Fun bit for you guys,” defensive lineman Akiem Hicks said. “If you go back and look the video, you can see how bad of a dancer Roquan Smith is. Take a look. You’ll be entertained.”

Or, how Amukamara described Khalil Mack’s moves: “It seemed like he was digging or shoveling snow.”

The point to these clips: The Bears aren’t just good, they’re cool. It’s the product of a team having fun while working their way to an 8-3 record and 1 1/2-game lead in the NFC North. It’s not just that Chicago is talking about the Bears again — it’s the rest of the country, too.

“Yeah, my social media went up a lot,” slot cornerback Bryce Callahan said. “But I’m not big on that. I’m trying to keep things how they’ve been.”

That’s sort of the challenge for the Bears, now: How does a good team like this handle success? Or, maybe more specifically: How does a team that slogged through losing, irrelevant years suddenly handle success and popularity?

Players returning to Halas Hall on Tuesday were met with a message from coach Matt Nagy: Tune out the praise, the recognition, the armies of voices telling you how good you are.

“You’ve got to remember what got you here,” Hicks said. “You gotta remember the work and the time that you invested in order to get to this point. And I guess, why stop now? Why stop now? When you’re on the top of the division, why pull back?”

While the Bears are probably going to the playoffs — Football Outsiders gives them a 97.1 percent chance of making the postseason, and an 84.1 percent chance of winning the NFC North — this team still hasn’t accomplished anything yet. And while the accolades and the recognition and the viral celebrations will keep coming, this is a team that knows it needs to stay grounded.

“When you’re doing (well), you have people telling you that you’re doing (well),” Callahan said. “We know that, so we don’t need to just buy into it and let our egos get big. We just need to keep doing what we’ve been doing to get us here.”

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